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 Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

China Information Technology Expo (“CITE”) is a national platform for displaying the latest products and technologies of the global electronic information industry. With ten years' efforts, CITE has now become the industry-leading, intentionally influential annual information technology expo in Asia, featuring the largest scale, the most complete industrial chain, the most profound activities and the fastest-growing brand influence.

Technology Drives Industrial Innovation and Synergies Quality Resources.

Industrial Chain-based Innovative Enterprise and an All-dimensional Display Platform.

Marketing promotion triggered focused exposure by big Media

With nearly 25 professional exhibition areas in nine exhibition pavilions, including CITE Theme Pavilion, AI Technology Application Pavilion, IIoT and Intelligent Manufacturing Pavilion, New Generation Information and Communication Industry Cluster Pavilion, New Display and Application Pavilion, E-Life Pavilion, Big Data Cloud Computing Pavilion, IoV Technology Pavilion and Basic Electronics Pavilion, the Expo will effectively connect the resources and systems of "politics, production, learning, research and application", actively integrate into international scientific and technological innovation, and comprehensively deeply drive exchange and cooperation in terms of electronic information consumption technology. Moreover, by combining the the advantages of industrial brands, the platform will fully display the latest development achievements and trends of the electronic information industry in the intelligent era for the industry via various activities such as technological innovation forums, keynote speeches, industry vertical thematic forums, awards ceremony, etc., so as to build itself world-leading display platform in the field of electronic information technology.