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How long is the safety guarantee period of semiconductor components?

In the era of consumption driven, the service life of electronic products is limited, and the product life cycle of components is becoming shorter and shorter. However, some industries need semiconductor components with long life cycle. In such fields as industry, automobile, medical treatment, aerospace and national defense, the life cycle of its products can be as long as 30 years or even longer.

Therefore, the sustainable supply of components and parts becomes crucial to provide necessary maintenance support for these applications throughout their life cycle. In view of this, after the production period, it is usually required to extend the storage time of semiconductor components.

Although the component manufacturer (OCM) still uses the date code as the symbol to evaluate whether the device can work effectively, it is no longer an accurate indicator to measure quality and reliability. In fact, most components can still be used beyond the date code specified by the manufacturer. Component manufacturers and traditional authorized distributors prefer to reserve inventory for future years.

When long-term storage of components is required, customers often need to be convinced that the storage environment is reliable. A key measure of quality and reliability is weldability.