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Ansenmey introduces the world's first 650 V silicon carbide MOSFET in toll package

Ansemi, a leader in smart power and smart sensing technologies, released the world's first to leadless (Toll) packaged silicon carbide (SIC) MOSFET at PCIM Europe. The transistor meets the rapidly growing demand for high-performance switching devices suitable for high power density design. Until recently, SiC devices have been packaged in D2Pak 7-pin packages that obviously require more space.

The size of toll package is only 9.90 mm x 11.68 mm, which is 30% less than the PCB area of D2Pak package. Moreover, its shape is only 2.30 mm, which is 60% smaller than that of the D2Pak package.

In addition to the smaller size, the toll package also provides better thermal performance and lower package inductance (2 NH) than the D2Pak 7 pin. Its Kelvin source configuration ensures lower gate noise and switching loss – including a 60% reduction in on loss (eon) compared with devices without Kelvin configuration, ensuring significant improvement in energy efficiency and power density in challenging power supply design, as well as improved electromagnetic interference (EMI) and easier PCB design.

Asif jakwani, senior vice president and general manager of advanced power division of ansenmey, said: "The ability to provide highly reliable power supply design in a small space is becoming a competitive advantage in many fields, including industry, high-performance power supply and server applications. Packaging our best SiC MOSFET in the toll package not only reduces space, but also enhances performance in many aspects, such as EMI and loss reduction. Providing the market with highly reliable and robust high-performance switching devices will help power supply designers solve their strict Power design challenges. "