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3M semiconductor coolant plant closed Samsung SK Hynix verifies coolant made in China

According to South Korean media reports, Samsung is diversifying the coolant supply chain used in semiconductor production after 3M closed its relevant factories in Belgium. It is reported that the coolant is used in the etching process of wafer manufacturing, and the temperature is controlled by the cooling device in the process. At present, 3M accounts for about 90% of the coolant production.

In March this year, 3M's factory in Belgium was ordered by the local government to suspend production because it did not meet the latest specifications for perfluoroalkyl substances and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Since then, Samsung has been looking for alternative suppliers in China. It is reported that Samsung has selected a new supplier and is in the process of verification, which is expected to be completed within one year.

At the same time, the source said that 3M company is also expected to resume the production of the factory. In its latest document submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, it said that it had obtained the approval of the local government of Belgium. The source added that even if the factory is restored, Samsung is expected to continue to carry out verification procedures with Chinese suppliers.

What is a semiconductor coolant?

Semiconductor coolant is actually a fluorinated liquid used in the electronics industry, that is, electronic fluorinated liquid. It is colorless, tasteless, low viscosity, non-conductive, non flammable, non corrosive, high security, and has very stable physical and chemical properties. It can be used as cleaning agent, desiccant, solvent and coolant.

Due to the stable characteristics such as higher insulation and cleaning and cooling effect of electronic grade fluorinated liquid, it can be used for a long time without any damage to electronic equipment and components, and will not pollute the air during operation. It is an ideal heat dissipation material. It can be widely used in semiconductor manufacturing cooling, data center immersion cooling, avionics spray cooling, etc.

In the semiconductor manufacturing process, in order to obtain accurate processing capability in a smaller size, it is not only necessary to accurately control the temperature in some aspects of chip manufacturing. At the same time, since the semiconductor production line operates continuously for 24 hours, the related semiconductor equipment also needs constant temperature cooling through electronic grade fluorinated liquid to ensure stable operation.